Thursday, September 13, 2007

An introduction

If you've arrived here, you have either come from the ADOM forums over at the Hall of Fame, or walked a path too mysterious for me to fathom. Anyway, welcome to this blog that is not actually a blog. You'd think it would be something cool like a top secret nuclear weapon laboratory, but basically it is a place where I post hints and guides for ADOM.

ADOM stands for Ancient Domains of Mystery, a freeware role-playing game downloadable over at the official website If this is new to you, it's a good time to go there, download the game and try it before browsing through anything posted on here.

If you've tried to play through ADOM, you'll have realized already that it is a very hard game, the very hard part being not dying. While in other, more mainstream games like Oblivion, Diablo, Neverwinter Nights or whatever you can either be resurrected or at least save your game and reload, there is no such luck in ADOM. When you're dead, you're dead.

And death lurks from behind all corners. Were someone to compile a list of the deaths you can die in ADOM, I could show it to you and you would be in awe at how long it is. But since there isn't and it would take too much time to make one, just cut straight to the awe. Someone apparently had too much time on their hands. Of all these deaths, a single one is enough to keep you from winning.

Now, ADOM is very fun to play by itself, you don't need to win it. But as the highscore list gets filled with characters who met their end at the hands of dangerous monsters, cruel, cruel fate or their own stupidity, you'll probably start to desire more. A greater destiny. To complete the quest to save the world!

Now, there is a document called the ADOM guidebook that can help you. In the most parts, it contains all the information you will ever need, though it can be a spoily read. This compendium of ADOM guides (that doesn't contain a single one yet, I'll comment on that later) shall be seen as some kind of an expansion the the ADOM guidebook. I plan to post guides that tell the reader that wants to hear it everything there is to be told about a certain class, so that they may take this class and actually, finally, win the game with it.

I shall make the start with the Archer guide... soon. Tomorrow, to be exact. Hopefully.

This introduction, however, shall announce an integral part of Adom Guides' policy: Contribution! Or do you think I actually want to write all the Guides for this website alone?!

If you're an experienced ADOM player, why not write a guide yourself and send it to me? I'd be happy to put it up here, give people the opportunity to comment, and make this a place where as many people as possible can get that little step closer to victory...


  1. Klasse Guides, - bin seit 5 Jahren immer wieder Adom verfallen, aber nu zum ersten mal komplett durch, - merci!

    MEHR! ;)

  2. I know this guide is old but I've gotta say, it's helped me so much! I really appreciate your effort in creating this. Information about ADOM is hard to find and a blog like this is a goldmine of wealth!
    When you said, "You'd think it would be something cool like a top secret nuclear weapon laboratory" , you were implying that it's not that cool, but it pretty much is.